Subcontractor’s Guide to Construction Lien Waiver

Sep 25th, 2014 | By | Category: Waiver Form

When making a payment to a mechanic after the completion of a job, you want to be sure your peace is not disturbed by future claims from the mechanic as regards the job done. That is what the construction lien waiver form prevents. The construction lien waiver form is an essential contractor form that should not be left out on the checklist of any contractor. This goes to state the importance and significance of the construction lien waiver form.

Now that the meaning of lien waiver form is clearly stated, it is imperative to know the types of lien waivers available. There are basically two classifications of lien waivers namely unconditional lien waiver and conditional lien waiver. They can be subdivided into conditional waiver on progress payment, conditional waiver on final payment, unconditional waiver on progress payment, and conditional waiver on progress payment. The different types of lien waivers have their respective meanings and implications in the law of contract. It should be noted that in some parts of the world and the In the United States, some states only use a conditional waiver on progress payment and an unconditional waiver on final payment.

For subcontractors and contractors, lien waiver forms are obtainable from local office supply stores, and a few computer programs exist to handle the process on a nationwide basis making it easy to ensure your rights are not infringed upon.

The process of filing a lien is not very difficult and guidelines are available on to go about it to ensure your rights are protected and your fees collected. Guidelines on the process of filing a lien whether it is a construction lien or not and necessary documents are available for download in PDF format on Free Waiver Of Construction Lien Form website. To be on a safer side, it is best one hires the service of a legal practitioner for guidelines and tips as the legal framework guiding the lien filing process and implementation evolves from time to time.

The right of lien is established to ensure parties to a contract are not cheated. The lien waiver form and the filing process ensure no party is exploited during and after the completion of the job. It is therefore essential for every contractor and subcontractor to know the rules guiding the right of lien and the processes to be followed to ensure the right is fully and justly exercised.


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